So, you’ve seen the Starbucks secret menu, now check out a few things that are much stranger. Getting coffee and staying for a while to browse the internet at Starbucks is one thing, bringing your desktop computer and / or dressing up like Bane, is another. We’ve rounded up twelve more weird things you should never see at Starbucks for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all.

Bonus Video – 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Starbucks

Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, with 20,891 stores in 62 countries, including 13,279 in the United States, 1,324 in Canada, 989 in Japan, 851 in the People’s Republic of China, 806 in the United Kingdom, 556 in South Korea, 377 in Mexico, 291 in Taiwan, 206 in the Philippines, 179 in Turkey, 171 in Thailand, and 167 in Germany.