Created by USC engineering student Ryan Olliges, the 121C Aileron PureCarbon skateboard is manufactured with more than twenty layers of carbon fiber, making it bullet-proof, literally. This also means that the deck won’t swell and crack when wet. He also developed a manufacturing process that was less capital and time intensive than the curing methods (ovens and autoclaves) traditionally used by aircraft and spacecraft manufacturers. Click here to view more images of the 121C. Continue reading for two more videos of it in-action.

“Other Carbon Fiber decks are either made mostly from wood or fiberglass, with a thin layer or two of carbon and are constructed using lower quality, �wet layup” consumer grade materials. We�ve even seen one made from the sweepings off fibers of a factory floor that has no weave to provide structural integrity. Aileron is in a class by itself being made entirely of top quality military-space grade prepreg carbon fiber requiring a more sophisticated manufacturing process,” said the founder.

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