How to Meet Women on the Subway

Any kind of book / magazine / etc. can provide hours of entertainment, but sometimes, what you read in public might come back to haunt you later online. For example, this person is reading How to Meet Women on the Subway (it’s a real book), and ironically enough, he just so happens to be riding on one. Now the question to ask would probably be if he put any of the techniques he learned into action immediately after setting the book down. That is just one of the many people who were photographed reading strange things at the unintentionally perfect time. Continue reading to see more.

14. Fasting, But Not Today

13. Stop Reading and Look Around

12. Instruction Manual

11. Magazine Face

10. Passed Out

9. Greenish Grey

8. Rebel

7. Alpha Dog

6. Where’s Jane?

5. Duck Beach Face

4. Geisha

3. Eating Alone

2. Moon Walk

1. Disgust


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