Let’s face it, everyone who went to school, whether it be elementary or college, has probably *not* studied for a test. This college student found a creative solution by pretending to have both arms on his desk, when in reality, one of them is stuck out below searching the internet for answers. Other clever college student solutions include using power tools to punch holes in paper and installing pins to ensure that they don’t hit the snooze button…ever. Continue reading to see them all.

16. Hole Punch

15. Not Hitting Snooze Button

14. Reheating Pizza

13. Pastry Warmer

12. Making Hot Dogs

11. DIY Spoon

10. Beer Cooler

9. Strainer

8. Cups

7. Hot Tub

6. Seating

5. Filling 5-Gallon Water Jug

4. Desk

3. Holding Beer

2. Cooking Ramen

1. Tongs