Mario Fire Hydrant

When geeks spot something strange in public, the first thought that usually comes to mind is whipping out a camera or smartphone and posting it on social media for everyone to see, like this Super Mario Bros.-themed fire hydrant. Speaking of SMB, did you know that the game was supposed to be Nintendo’s grand farewell to the NES? That’s right, the Famicom came out 2.5-years before the US NES and by the time Super Mario Bros. came along, the company was already planning to replace it with an upgraded Famicom that read games off rewritable floppy disks. Continue reading for more.

18. Hand Soap

Real Hand Soap

17. Golden Ferrero Rocher Pineapple

Ferrero Rocher Pineapple

16. 3D Tinder

3D Tinder

15. Triangular Elevator

Triangular Elevator

14. Toilet Paper Testing Station

Toilet Paper Testing

13. Black Cotton Swabs

Black Cotton Swabs

12. Minesweeper Street Art

Minesweeper Street Art

11. Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts Uranus

10. All Mustard Vending Machine

Mustard Vending Machine

9. Horizontally Sliced Loaf of Bread

Horizontally Sliced Bread

8. Over Hanging Pool

Over Hanging Pool

7. Hamster Blueberry Muffin

Hamster Blueberry Muffin

6. Banknote with Upside Down Flag

Upside Down Flag Banknote

5. Inception Textbook

Inception Textbook

4. Funny Masks

Funny Masks

3. Stone Mouth Sculptures

Stone Mouth Sculptures

2. Backwards Oreo

Backwards Oreo

1. Infinite Spiral Staircase

Infinite Spiral Staircase

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