If you don’t have any gas left in your real vehicle, and still want to go out for lunch, using you tractor / mower with a homemade trailer probably isn’t the best idea. Or, if your car wheel decides to suddenly go missing, creating a makeshift wheels with random things in the garage is just a disaster waiting to happen. Continue reading to see more unusual examples of how not to repair things.

18. Rear Window

17. Exit Sign

16. Air Conditioner Mounts

15. Headlights

14. Armored Vehicle

13. Basketball Net

12. Shower Head

11. Half of a Car

10. Sideview Mirror

9. Rear Quarter Panel

8. Truck Camper

7. Door Lock

6. Mattress Transport

5. Smartphone Stan

4. Baby Crib

3. Front Bumper

2. Chair

1. Shoulder Strap


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