Battery Powered Battery Charger

You know a battery charger is useless, when…it requires batteries to operate, that is unless…they’re nuclear powered. Sure, it may be cordless, but you’ll end up spending just as much recharging batteries as they cost new. That is just one of the many bizarre inventions and gadgets we’ve rounded up for you today. Continue reading to see more that you won’t believe exist.

20. iPhone Maze Case

iPhone Maze Case

19. Fake Zit Jewelry

Fake Zit

18. Tandem Toilet

Tandem Toilet

17. Table Clip Cup Holder

Table Clip Cup Holder

16. Solar-Powered Hat

Solar-Powered Hat

15. Bacon Floss

Bacon Floss

14. Paparazzi Shades

Paparazzi Shades

13. Handerpants


12. Coffee Talkies

Coffee Talkies

11. Tandem Bicycle with One Seat

One Seat Bicycle

10. Battery-Powered Twirling Fork

Twirling Fork

9. Picnic Pants

Picnic Pants

8. Car Exhaust Grill

Car Exhaust Grill

7. Privacy Hoodie

Privacy Hoodie

6. Bathroom-Themed Car Audio System

5. Kleen Stride

Kleen Stride

4. Compleat Sandwich Preserving System


3. Ride-On Carry-On Luggage


2. Hybrid Rug Slippers

Rug Slippers

1. Holding Hands Leash

Holding Hands Leash