While certain words may sound similar, such as manner / manor and college / collage, they definitely don’t have the same meanings. So, before posting a Facebook status update, make sure you run it through spell check, or at least run it through Google. Continue reading to see twenty of the funniest spelling mistakes.

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20. Wholesome

19. Just a Beard

18. Those Angles

17. Wearing Shorts

16. Hypocritical for Hippocrates

15. Nurturing and Neutering

14. Ditto

13. Searching for Happiness with a “Y”

12. Spell Correctly Already

11. Chicken or Beef?

10. Sorry, Only Have Half

9. Gene Pool

8. Should Have Ran

7. Ouch

6. Relaxing Minuet

5. Weak in the Knees

4. Bizarre Fragrance

3. Sure You Do

2. Your Granite is Granted

1. Amazon Weekend