Photo credit: Kieji / patrickostil

You know what they say…you gotta spend money, to make money, and that is especially true for the computer setup you see above (top), which was designed for trading. For those who prefer sleek and minimalistic lines, the battlestation next to it may be just what you’re looking for, featuring a stunning 30″ Apple display. Continue reading for more.

Multi-display setups are very common in investment banks, particularly in market making, where they allow the simultaneous display of several screens of prices as reference data, allowing the trader to keep an eye on the market.

Now that multi-monitor setups are more budget-friendly, it is not uncommon to see a wide range of business professionals using multiple monitors to increase visual area. This advantage helps promote the concept of a paperless office by increasing the quantity of simultaneous media that can be viewed digitally, although the advantage of viewing two documents simultaneously is also feasible on many larger widescreen monitors.

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