Did you know that June 28th is International Caps Lock Day? Or, that British people are drunk in 76% of their Facebook photos? If not, we’ve rounded up twenty-four more fascinating things you probably didn’t know were true for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all – plus more information on the Caps Lock holiday.

Yes, it’s another made-up holiday. And a very obnoxious one to boot: INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY! It pokes fun of an Internet faux pas by imitating said faux pas. It’s very deep. Actually, International Caps Lock Day founder, DEREK ARNOLD — just plain old Derek Arnold the rest of the year — says it is not very deep at all.

“The message is to stop taking everything so seriously,” he said. “Not everything’s an issue.” He and some friends started the day on the MetaFilter site in 2003. He launched a Web page and updates it each year with some nonsensical message.


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