Another day, another batch of fun and innovative gadgets. This installment begins with the tennis ball slingshot, which works great when playing catch with your dog. We’ve rounded up twenty-four more examples for your viewing enjoyment after the break.

5 Interesting photography facts:

  1. The first “photographic paper” was made ​​of asphalt. More precisely, asphalt varnish was applied on the copper or the glass plate.
  2. Camera Obscura, which became the prototype of the modern camera, is used up to this day for the production of integrated circuits and as a special film camera.
  3. The first color photograph was taken in 1861 by James Maxwell, the British physicist.
  4. Appearance of the first plates for color photography dated back to 1904, produced by the company “Lumiere”.
  5. The first aerial photography was carried out by French inventor Turnache in 1858. He shot Paris from the balloon.

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