We can understand if parking your car becomes a problem when the space is just too tight (parallel, narrow lots, etc.), but sometimes, there’s no excuse for vehicle to take up two, three, or even more spots. Continue reading to see twenty-four more bizarre parking disasters captured on film.

10 Interesting Ferrari facts:

  1. Maserati which was once Ferrari’s bitterest rival, now is run on a Ferrari engine for Fiat.
  2. The most popular Ferraris have always been the two-seated Gran Turismos.
  3. Ferrari of Italy is the oldest and most successful team left in the Formula One championship.
  4. Ferrari’s “prancing horse” logo was given to Enzo by Countess Baracca, whose late World War I flying ace son Francesco had used it as his emblem. Ferrari changed its background color from white to yellow, and created an icon.
  5. The Testa Rossa name, Italian for redhead, was given first to the 3-liter V12 engine in 1958 because its camshaft covers were painted red. It was revived in 1984 for a mid-engined supercar.
  6. Tractor tycoon Ferruccio Lamborghini only decided to make a supercar of his own after complaints about the quality of his Ferrari were met with frosty indifference by Enzo.
  7. The ASA was a pint-size Testa Rossa designed by Ferrari engineer Giotto Bizzarrini in 1958. It could do 113mph. However, the prohibitive price meant that in three years just 52 were sold.
  8. The first Ferrari 308GTB came with glass-fiber bodywork but was soon remade in steel because it was so fragile.
  9. When the Ferrari F40 was launched in 1987 to celebrate the marque’s first four decades it was, at $316,895, the most expensive car on sale in Britain.
  10. In 2006, Ferrari sold 5671 cars – 635 of them in the UK. One V12-engined car is sold for every three V8s.

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