McDonalds Cookies and Cream Pie

Photo credit: So Good

Now that you’ve seen the strangest Lay’s flavors, weirdest Doritos flavors, Pepsi flavors and strangest Pringles flavors from around the world, it’s time to check out more strange items from the world’s largest fast food hamburger chain. What you’re looking at above is a limited edition Cookies’N Cream pie that was available at McDonalds locations in Canada. As you can see, it’s exactly as it sounds, an Oreo infused outer layer with cream filling on the inside. Now get yourself a cold glass of milk, and have the perfect after work / school snack. That is just one of the many cool and unusual items you won’t find in the states – minus #8, which can be found in Hawaii. Continue reading to see them all.

Cool McDonalds Items

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