Sure, living on a yacht all year, despite it being loaded with all the amenities you’d expect to find on a luxurious private island, is less than ideal, but these three examples will definitely get you inspired. Continue reading to see them all.

3. Gigayacht

The 325-foot Gigayacht “can be oufitted, with pools, tennis courts, mini soccer fields, or the garden you see above.” Unfortunately, pricing is set to start in the $10+ million range. While “Paul Allen’s Octopus is bigger at 410 feet, [this has] room for 40 crew, 24 guests, a helipad, and two 45-foot speedboats that deploy out the back.”

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2. Yacht Island

Called Yacht Island, this giant yacht is the first ever to include its very own volcano. Plus, “the main deck is a beach “cove” of cabanas surrounding a massive ocean view swimming pool, with a waterfall falling nearby from the volcano.” That’s not all, “there’s also a helicopter landing pad so those friends can drop in.”

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1. Streets of Monaco

At $1.1-billion, the Streets of Monaco yacht should probably be called a private island instead. It features “smaller versions of the state’s famous landmarks such as the Hotel de Paris and Monte Carlo Casino and racetrack — swimming pools, tennis courts, a cinema, and go kart track will also provide an endless amount of entertainment.”



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