Currently the world’s largest cave, Son Doong Cave – spanning over 5.5 miles long and nearly 500 feet high in some places – boasts a brand new plant species, fields of algae, cave pearls and an entire river all hidden from human eyes deep underground. Now tourists can explore the cave, declared one of the most beautiful in the world by the BBC, and see this natural wonder for themselves for a mere $3,000. Continue reading for a video tour and more information.

According to Inhabitat, “Previously, this natural marvel was only explored by a handful of permitted individuals, but a company called Oxalis Adventure Tours has permission to take people on tours starting next year. Only 220 permits will be issued, however, so the opportunity to see the amazing cave is extremely limited. But for those lucky enough to go (and with $3,000 to spare for the tour), it will be an event never to forget.”

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