We’ve all probably reached the point where even several cups of coffee won’t help you stay awake, and that’s where this desk comes in. Greece-based designer Athanasia Leivaditou of Studio NL invented a convertible desk of sorts that can be used as a bed in just four easy steps. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on pricing or availability. Continue reading to see more.


MILK looks to be something straight from an Apple Store, as this minimalist desk only includes the bare essentials. Offering four storage compartments (with your choice of lids), integrated notebook storage, concealed wire management, cable outlets, and options including a paper basket, pencil holders, tool box, and even an aquarium. There is an upgraded model with one with one-touch electronic height adjustment so you stretch those legs and keep that spare tire from getting too robust.

4. Balcony Desk

Though some prefer a more complete desk setup with multiple monitors, there are others who rather work from the patio with just a laptop. Balkonzept was designed for the latter category by Michael Hilgers. It’s not only sleek and modern, but extremely lightweight as well. It’s made from a durable recyclable plastic that has more than enough room for a laptop and other essentials.

3. The Crates

The Crates could quite possibly be the most flexible computer desk ever, as it’s actually a series of furniture pieces that magically transform into crates. China-based designer Naihan Li came up with this innovative concept to make things easier to move around, especially in the cramped apartments found in Beijing and Shanghai.

2. Apple iDesk

Sure, this is just a concept…for now, but the Apple iDesk just might become a reality in just a few short years. Its entire surface is one giant touchscreen display, and it sync with all of your iOS devices by simply placing them onto the desktop. Users will be able to switch out the background at any time as well as run multiple apps, including calendar, phone, and social media.

1. Workbed Desk

Unlike other similar-sized desks, the Workbed doubles as a bed that’s perfect for power naps. It was designed by Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss of BLESS and transforms at the push of a button. Best of all, the specially designed sheets will stay attached to the underside of the table even when flipped over.


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