Not everyone dreams of staying at a 5-star hotel that caters to their every need, some just want a unique experience that can’t be found elsewhere, and these five bizarre hotels definitely do the job. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Drainpipe Hotel

Residing on the outskirts of Tepoztlan, Mexico, the multi story cluster of rooms is actually a collection of recycled concrete pipe. The pipes have been revamped, and transformed into sleeping quarters equipped with a queen size bed, fan, lighting, and a glass entry way allowing natural light to enter the rooms. To ensure the guests have privacy, each of the rooms features a curtain running across the glass entry way.

4. Bubble Hotel

Measuring in at 13 feet in diameter and most of them completely transparent, the concept was created from French designer Pierre Stephane with a simple goal, “create a Eco-friendly space, in that once the bubble is folded up, nature remains the intact.” We have seen these bubble rooms in the past, but both Attrap’Reves in Bouches-du-Rhone near Marseille and Sky River outside of Loir-et-Cher are two new hotels that bring the experience of sleeping in a transparent bubble to the public.

3. WhitePod Hotel

The Switzerland boutique hotel consists of 15 geodesic dome pods surrounding by nothing but snow and luscious green forest trees. The hotel can only be accessed by ski or snowshoe, and includes over 7 kilometers of ski slopes complete with private ski lifts.

2. Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotel is located in a small village called Jukkasjarvi in Sweden that resides about 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, providing optimum temperatures for such an incredible structure. The hotel features 47 different rooms with great amenities such as the Ice Bar, views of the beautiful Northern Lights, and several different Arctic Circle Wilderness programs. The hotel can house around 60,000 guests each and every year, and the staff assures guests that they will be plenty warm snuggled up in their sleeping bags.

1. Cave Hotel

The hotel resides in Sassi di Matera, an old town on the southern part of Italy. If you are looking to spend a night in this beautiful dwelling, there are 18 rooms available all year, and depending on what time of year you are looking to get away, expect to spend anywhere from E100 to E700 per night.