Our editors have compiled a list of five cool chairs for the home or office. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the entire list.

Verté Seating Office Chair

What sets the “Verté Seating Office Chair” apart from other office chairs is that it boasts 11 separate sections that “are actually torsion spring-loaded bearing joints, capable of taking an exact impression of your spine.”

To make said impression all you need to do is ‘unlock’ the joints with a specific lever and then lean back into the chair with enough pressure to move the springs. Once you have the back of the chair shaped into your ideal posture simply sit in it and over time ‘muscle memory’ will naturally improve your posture


Inflatable Massage Chair

This massage chair includes three intensity levels, nine functions, timer control, repair kit, and remote. The electric pump (included) inflates this chair in just one minute.

“Aches and pains will be a thing of the past with this magic chair. Never has something inflatable provided so much pleasure.”


Peekaboo Isolation Chamber Chair

It’s “a modern wing chair in molded felt and textile, with the material in the seat rim pressed to it limit and a stand of crome-plated steel.”

Showing shades of the Cone of Silence, the Isolation Chamber Chair is a design concept that lets you shut out the world so you can concentrate on your game of Tetris or your incoming text message from your sweetie


The Ultimate Game Chair

So you’ve seen the Multimedia Chair and Armed “Movie” Chair, now check out the Ultimate Game Chair. At $399, this chair packs 12 vibration motors synchronized to the game, adjustable 3D stereo speakers, ground effects lighting, multiple massage settings, beverage/remote holders, and integrated controllers.

Gamers put their bodies through so much while playing their favorite consoles what with all the controller-holding, constantly staring at the television and not to forget all the sitting too. Why not give your body a break and treat it to some real luxury?


Stokke Gravity Chair

Priced at a whopping $2310, the Stokke Gravity Chair “can rest in a variety of positions depending on your mood or task; from upright as an office chair to rocked right back for those noon-time naps.” Company information here.

The chair is available in a variety of fabrics and finishes, but all that versatility in inclination from steep to flat will cost you a steep $2310, if you’re so inclined

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