Has your computer ever overheated in the middle of the night, during an intense gaming session? If so, here are five things you shouldn’t use to cool your PC. Continue reading to see them all — image above via.

1. Giant Fan

If your case’s fans fail, then there’s always the stand-up electric fan. Pointing it properly and safely seems to be the biggest issue in this example of PC cooling gone wrong.

2. Ice Encased Hard Drive

We’ve heard of CPU overclocking, but definitely not hard drive. Unless this person somehow modified this drive to spin at 50,000rpm, encasing it in a block of ice seems like overkill.

3. Air Conditioned PC

Called the Water Chiller, this PC by Mikevanelst.com should be used in only the most extreme situations, like playing Farmville with max settings, etc. In all seriousness, this air conditioned PC runs at a chilly -5C, but can be turned all the way down to -20C if Arctic Silver is used on the CPU block.

4. Table Fan Case

When is a table fan not just a table fan? When you take it apart and reassemble it as a PC case, throwing in some PVC piping along the way. We can imagine it gets quite noisy once everything is running simultaneously.

5. World of Fans

Rather than buy a traditional case and install a few fans inside, this modder used 66-fans to create a case. On the inside, you’ll find “an Intel P4 3GHz Prescott CPU with MSI MS-6540 motherboard, 512MB DDR400 RAM, 40GB ATA HDD, and a 36X CD-ROM” drive.

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