Whether it be in your carpet, clothes, bed, and even food, you’ll find tiny bugs just about everywhere, but have you ever wondered what they look like under an electron microscope? Continue reading for five extreme-close ups of the bugs that infest our homes.

[via Dailymail]

1. Dust Mite

This image taken through a Scanning Electron Micrograph shows a house dust mite, which lives on shed skin cells.

2. House Fly

A super close-up of a common housefly reveals the tiny hairs across its entire body.

3. Cat Flea

This image shows a cat flea in its favourite habitat and is magnified more than 100 times.

4. Bluebottle Fly Larva

A close-up of the head of a bluebottle fly larva, with its mouth on the right.

5. Red Flour Beetle

This red flour beetle inhabits the kitchen and likes to eat cornflakes, biscuits and even pasta.