Now that you’ve seen five of the most creative friend pranks captured on video, we bring you another batch that are just as creative and possibly even funnier. They range from stunts involving The Incredible Hulk to someone who has a staring problem. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Train

Mention the phrase “stuck on train tracks” to any driver, and it’ll probably be on their top 3 worst nightmares list. What if you were able to safely recreate this scenario and actually trick other drivers into helping you get your car off the tracks? Watch the video to find out.

4. Giant Spider

Any kind of spider is already frightening enough for those who hate creepy crawlies, this giant one is bound to freak quite a few people out. When placed on a public sidewalk, this thing scares humans and animals alike, though some of the reactions are pure comedy gold.

3. Boiling Fish

You shouldn’t agree to watch something for a person unless they’re always in sight, otherwise an accident could happen. Fortunately, no fishes were harmed in this prank, but the red light, bubbles, and stove definitely make it look like something is boiling.

2. Staring Problem

Looking directly at someone while they’re talking is already awkward enough, now imagine someone who has an obvious staring problem peering into your soul. In this prank, you’ll see just that and the reason why surprises just about everyone.

1. The Incredible Hulk

Ever been bullied? If not, let’s just say that it’s not the best feeling to be pushed around by other people. The idea behind this prank was to show that you never know who you’re messing with, as they may turn out to be The Incredible Hulk.