Even the best racers and pilots won’t have a chance to test out the finest vehicles / aircraft in their profession, so that’s where simulators come in. We’ve rounded up five of the coolest racing and flying simulators, like the TL1 above, for your viewing pleasure. Continue reading to see more.

5. Flight Simulator Dome

Not just any flight simulator, this one combines “thirteen or fourteen 10 megapixel projectors to create a seamless 360-degree twelve-foot panoramic video display dome.” A complex system of lasers is used to calibrate each projector so that it blends with every other projector without seams or changes in brightness or contrast. From inside the 11-foot-wide acrylic dome, prospective pilots can look in any direction at all, and the resolution is so good that they can spot aircraft from a dozen miles away.


4. Lexus Driving Simulator

Not your standard driving simulator, this one by Lexus was built inside the metal bulb is a Lexus LS460, surrounded by a 360-degree facsimile of a real driving environment. If you don’t have gear fit for a Hollywood blockbuster or a trip to Mars, well, you’re not really serious about this whole car thing, are you? Lexus has joined the latter camp with its new driving simulator, built to simulate crash avoidance.


3. BRD 06

The BRD 06 is the world’s first “1:1 scale F1 [racing simulator] with a fiberglass and carbon fiber composite monocoque chassis.” Other features include: F1-style lever paddles, a purpose-built accelerator, three 24-inch displays, and a 5.1 surround sound system. Powder coated steel motion platform construction combining high strength and a modern architectural look. Utilizes the highest grade low friction linear slide technology, for smooth and reliable operation.


2. Cruden Hexatech

At $191000, the Cruden Hexatech could quite possibly be the ultimate racing simulator. Enabling players “to receive feedback from the chassis, track, tire and suspension settings, drive trains, aero load, aero draft, steering, brakes, and various driver aids.” According to Technabob, “it comes with three 42-inch screens, but you can go bonkers and project images onto the walls of a specially built room. Sounds completely insane to me.”


1. TL1

It’s called the TL1 and will cost you $55,000USD, but wealthy racing enthusiasts can now finally bring the track experience home. This system is basically “an ultra-realistic simulation of being behind the wheel, all brought to life thanks to three projectors which combine to give the driver a crystal-clear 180-degree view of the road.”


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