Many inventions are quite useful in everyday life, but these five could quite possibly be the most outrageous ever, or so we think.

Tasty USB Hub

FoodHub is definitely the most outrageous USB hub we’ve ever come across. Each handmade creation consists of the rice (USB 2.0 hub) and then four side dishes (USB sticks).

Together, they form something so awesome that the USDA changed its name to the United States Department of Awesome just to regulate the import and export of it

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Time Table

This nifty “Time Table” uses “electro-luminescent film to turn the entire top surface of the table into a subtle and tasteful digital clock.”

The table also includes alarm functions in case you fall asleep and don’t want to spend the whole night in front of the TV and a timer to switch the lighting off. I assume (or at least hope) the table is also waterproof for handling the occasional spilled beverage


Techno Privacy Scarf

Created by Joe Malia, this “Techno Privacy Scarf” supposedly protects your privacy when using portable devices in public areas — or at home.

How can you breathe in the thing? Well, if playing your handheld games or watching porn is more important than breathing, and you don’t mind looking like an anteater wearing a burqa, this scarf’s for you


Wearable Cell Phone Booth

Put simply, this wearable cell phone booth is one of the most outrageous inventions we’ve come across. Created by Jenny Chowdhury, it’s basically “a wearble object you can carry around with you and set up when you need a moment to talk”.

The project prompts people to take stock in how cell phone technology has altered the ways in which we communicate with each other and the environment surrounding us.



The “Twirl-a-Squirrel” could quite possibly be the most outrageous feeder ever — “Squirrel’s weight on feeder activates a motor which gently twirls him off.”