Then fourteen-year-old Joey Hudy was invited to the White House in 2012 to demonstrate his custom-built machine, which shot marshmallows 176 feet in the air from a canon. President Obama wanted to showcase the significance of investing in mathematics and science. Hudy is now touring world with his marshmallow cannon when he’s interning at Intel. Continue reading to see more five real-life

5. Alexandar Prior

Alexandar Prior is a music genius who was just 8-years-old when he began composing. Despite his age, he was commissioned by a host of high-profile clients like the Moscow State Ballet. One of the perks has been world travel and working with renown international orchestras such as The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (Barbican, London), Moscow’s “New Opera”, and the Las Vegas Philharmonic. Prior graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory with two distinguished master’s degrees at age 17.

4. Elise Tan Roberts

Elise Tan Roberts is touted as the world’s smartest little child – also youngest Mensa member – with an intelligence that rivals Einstein’s (160), as her IQ was tested at 156. Normally, Mensa only accepts members who are age 10 and older. They made an exception for Roberts, who spoke her very first words at just 5-months and by age 2, she could name an array of world capitals, count to ten in Spanish, and distinguish between a variety of shapes.

3. Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith was born in Keswick, Virgina, and claims the title of the youngest person ever graduate from the University of Virginia with a master’s degree at the age of 16. Smith was just 10 when he received a full scholarship to Randolph-Macon College, where he went on to obtain bachelor’s in mathematics. In subsequent years he�s nominated three more times for his humanitarian work in East Timor, Sao Paulo, Rwanda and Kenya.

2. Taylor Wilson

Taylor Wilson is an American nuclear scientist that’s known for being the youngest person in the world to construct a working nuclear fusion reactor. The US Department of Homeland Security and US Department of Energy have offered federal grants to Wilson for his cheap Cherenkov radiation detectors, which cost just a few hundred dollars. He proceeded to win the $100,000 Thiel Fellowship grant and is currently attending the University of Nevada, Reno as well as the Davidson Academy of Nevada.

1. Mabou Loiseau

Mabou Loiseau can already speak 7 languages – French, Creole, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, and English – plays 6 different musical instruments, performs 2 types of dance, and is active in 2 sports at the young age of 5. Her parents spent around $1500 per week to have her tutored on various subjects. She’s now 8 years old has added two more languages and two more instruments to her growing repertoire.