Our editors have compiled a list of five shocking gadgets you shouldn’t play with, or so we recommend. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the entire list.

Retro Cell Phone Stun Gun

For around $867 USD (7,000 Yuan) you could own a retro-styled cell phone with an integrated stun gun — called the “Shock Stick”. Flip the volume switch up and the top of the phone emits an electromagnetic wave that may be lethal. [Source]

Shocking Lie Detector

Simply place your hand on the mold, press the “analyzer” button, answer a few warm-up questions (name, gender, etc.) — to regulate readings — and this Shocking Lie Detector will take it from there. Powered by 3 x AAA batteries, it uses a sequence of five LEDs — green to red — to measure readings.

Hide this Shocking Lie Detector from your wife, or the next time she asks you where you were until 2am, that “I was working late Honey” is going to cost you all the feeling in your fingers.


World’s Most Shocking Knife

The Shock Knife delivers up to 7500 volts but less than 1 milliamp. Activated at the touch of a button, it has four different modes: “Low”, “Med”, “Hi”, and “X”. The Shock Knife is made from an ultradurable polycarbonate blend and features a no-slip handle to ensure maximum grippage.

Need training against a knife but don’t want to look like Zsasz from Batman? Use the Shocknife, which looks like a knife, hurts like a knife, but doesn’t cut your skin.


80,000 Volt Electric Suitcase

For $1082, you could own a real shocking suitcase — 80,000 volts to be exact. The electric shock alarm is activated at the push of a button via remote control. A built-in secondary 107db alarm keeps would be thieves away. Available in brown or black colors, this suitcase comes packaged with 16 batteries and two remotes.

“Nobody will be able to grab or take the suitcase. So your valuables are safe.”


The Painstation 2

Created by Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff, the Painstation 2 is an arcade machine that inflicts pain via electric shocks in a Pong-like game. The latest version features modular construction, an integrated PC, 15-inch monitor, Atmel microprocessor, PainControlUnit (PCU), and a 2.1 speaker system.

Pain level can be adjusted via the PCU from 50 to 150% giving the possibility to challenge an opponent on a certain level.