Sometimes, less is more, and that’s definitely true with these five small homes. Most people don’t need a giant home theater or a full-sized indoor basketball court to live comfortably, and these examples show why. Continue reading to see more.

5. Cottage

This Berkley built backyard cottage is a small 420 square feet, but spacious nonetheless. With a budget of under $100,000 this sustainable abode was designed by New Avenue Homes. Not only was everything accomplished with this miniscule amount, but the guest sized home is completely sustainable as well. Solar power, denim insulation, low-e glass and energy star appliances encompass a majority of this home�s attributes. Living, dining, bathroom and a bedroom-loft are great to keep guests comfortable in their space without having to travel to the main house.

4. Transformer

This conceptual space designed by Vlad Mishin of Russia defines the space lengthwise by metal and plywood blocks that transform before your eyes. By moving and placing these pieces, you can create space out of what was once an empty area to define functions and new rooms. A select few of these blocks are folding and serve as a bedroom door or hidden kitchen compartments. A unique idea for anyone in a small space flat.

3. Bunkie

Evan Bare from 608 Design Studio in Canada has come up with an astoundingly beautiful addition to your garden.The Bunkie is a prefab prototype that was created in collaboration with 608 Design and BLDG Workshop to make a space that was still integrated with the land. This is achieved by keeping the facade transparent and allows for a multitude of functions. Entertaining, open space and sleeping quarters can all be done with Bunkie – and really anything that fits into this fantastic space.

2. Self-Sufficient

Set up on a small island off the coast of Maine, Alex Scott Porter Design collaborated with her father on building a solar powered home in the community of Criehaven (Ragged Island). While the island is completely devoid of technology, Porter has installed a catchment system for water, a compost toilet and of course solar panels that store excess energy for when its needed most. There are only two items in the whole CB2 outfitted home that run off of propane – the water heater and stove.

1. Micro

Steel siding, wood frame construction, a 20′ trailer, and a completely contemporary vibe are all that’s needed for this sleek road-home. With 24′ in length and 8′-6″ wide, this home is a great and simple piece to tow with all of the rooms you’d normally need right at your fingertips. A kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and “great” room are all a part of the plans, with some small yet simple conveniences built in.

Honorable Mention – Nature

Located in the heavily wooded Oregon trees and hills, this home has a multitude of spaces – including a yoga room, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms all framed in wood and copper. Large exterior areas are also utilized for this home so that its inhabitants can easily watch the forest happenings and gain some sunlight. The materials carry on from the interior to exterior and the home itself is in synch with the tree-scapes.