Don’t expect much style from the iPhone cases you see in stores. In order to create something truly unique, you’ll have to do it yourself, like these fans. Continue reading to see more.

Game Boy Case

As long as you’re a gamer or Nintendo fan, this Game Boy case should meet you needs without having to bust out the console itself.


Laser-Engraved Wood Case

If you’ll be using your iPhone as not only a handset, but also a fashion accessory, you’ll definitely appreciate the laser-engraved tree silhouette on this case.

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Journal Cover Case

Practical, affordable, and stylish, this journal cover makes for a great iPhone case. All it took was a simple journal and lots of hard work.

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Rotary Phone Case

Rotary phones were the “in” thing before cell phones. They’re too heavy to carry around and also tethered. Any iPhone user nostalgic for the gadget should consider this DIY case.

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Steampunk Case

If you’re a Steampunk enthusiast, you don’t need frills like macro lenses and an ultra light carbon fiber design. You need a pseudo-Victorian mechanical look for your iPhone case.

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Bacon Case

Using bacon as an iPhone case isn’t such a strange idea anymore. One caveat: the design itself could make you or anyone that comes in contact with it, crave bacon.

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