Photo credit: Japan Trend Shop

Another day, another round of gadgets that you probably don’t need. Innovation is good, but when you try to solve problems that never existed in the first place, things can get quite bizarre to say the least. Continue reading to see seven prime examples of this phenomenon.

7. Portable Watermelon Cooler

Easy to flip open and roll around, this portable cooler will keep a single watermelon fresh no matter where you decide to take it. It’s priced at $230 and even has a built-in refrigeration unit that’s definitely a battery eater.

6. iTree – Tree Trunk iPod, iPhone Dock

Most iPod, iPhone docks feature space-efficient designs, this one does not. At 130-pounds, the iTree features a built-in speaker system and a hollow design for improved frequency response. One caveat: shipping costs will most likely exceed the product’s.

5. Projector Wedding Ring

Sure, the projector wedding looks nifty, but the integrated slide and magnification system will definitely receive some major wear from everyday use. All negatives aside, this is one of the most creative wedding presents we’ve come across.

4. iHome iPad Dock

The Apple iPad already can be used as an alarm clock, even without a special dock, so the iHome iA100ZE just might be one of the most useless accessories ever for the device. Plus, you can always pick up an iPad stand / case and a third party application for far less.

3. 4-in-1 Hot Dog Maker

Ok, we get the hot dog warmer with 36 sausage capacity, but who really needs a spare tray for eggs and two bun stakes that just keep them standing up vertically for no reason at all. Thankfully, this product is no longer available for purchase…anywhere.

2. Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Cooling Work Shirt

Let’s face it, this bizarre air-conditioned shirt is probably the last thing you’d want to spend $230 on. For those with excess funds, you’ll be glad to know that it’s “powered by simple household batteries in a control box [and] you just need to connect the fans to the slow on the back of the shirt, then hook up the cable.” However, you’d probably be better off just leaving work early from work and going to a mall to cool off.”

1. Noiseless USB Karaoke Mic

Yes, such a bizarre and useless product actually exists. The noiseless USB karaoke mic is compatible with both the iPad as well as the iPhone, and apparently, users are supposed to “slip the cone around the mic, then connect [it] to [their] phone / earphones to the other port — now your own private concert is ready to begin”