Our editors have compiled a list of seven watches that James Bond would wear, or so we’d like to think. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the list.

Wrist-Worn PC

This 7-ounce watch boasts a 2.8-inch touchscreen LCD display, SD card slot, Bluetooth, GPS receiver, WiFi, USB and support for Linux or Windows CE operating systems.[Source]

Triple Watch Cell Phone

Here’s a first: a wrist watch that’s capable of transforming into a cell phone — designed by Manon Maneenawa.

“You can slide the unit out of the wristwatch band, and with a triple-flip technique, extend it to use it as a normal cell phone,” Maneenawa said. “As a wrist watch, it has a speaker phone button that allows the user to answer the phone and hang up while driving. Or the user can combine the Triple Watch with a Bluetooth headset and carry on a wireless conversation that way,” he said.


One-Seg TV/Phone Watch

Made by One-Seg (Japan), this nifty watch measures 2.3 x 3.5 x 0.88-inches and weighs in at just over 4-ounces. Simply plug in a Willcom W-SIM card for mobile phone functionality, or you can watch terrestrial digital TV broadcasts on its 2.4-inch LCD display. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced. [Source]

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch

Similar to the Seiko Bluetooth Watch, this Sony Ericsson model allows you to “control your cellphone’s music player from the buttons on the side (play, pause, next track).”

The functions worked well during the demo, although we didn’t get to hear it switch between music and call or anything


Walkie Talkie Watches

These nifty watches not only tell time but are also PMRs (Private Mobile Radio-communicators) — featuring a range of up to 3km, VOX (Voice Activated Operation) technology, backlit LCD display, and compatibility with all walkie talkies at 446-MHz.

They have eight channels and 38 sub codes per channel giving you over 300 channel combinations for private conversation


H.R.T. Sniper Watch

Designed for use by law enforcement officials, the 5.11 H.R.T. Sniper Watch features sleek titanium casing, a back-lit matrix digital readout, and custom “shooting software”. Available now for $369 — product page here.

Punch in data about the ammunition you are shooting and the conditions you are shooting in and the watch will display the appropriate hold over for a sure hit.


Camera Phone Watch

Telson’s TWC 1150 is the world’s first camera phone watch. It supports a RUIM card which can be used in GSM phones for international roaming. Other features include, a 256 color LCD, plug-in camera, Infrared wireless earpiece, speakerphone, stopwatch, and planner.[Source]