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We have seen the future of portable computing, and it’s data tiles. Tagged transparent tiles are used to show dynamic graphical information when placed on a sensor-enhanced display. For those who haven’t seen this technology in action, a video clip is provided after the jump.

Japan-based Asahi Kasei Fibers has developed the world’s first stretchable electric cords / data cables. It’s called Roboden and “the stretchable cord could enable new generations of electronics-embedded textiles and robotic skins.” Video after the break.

Roboden is already available in various kinds of cables, including USB cables and standard power cords, giving you that little bit of extra reach you always need to reach that wall socket. But the real upside is in the realm of automated machinery and robotics.

[via PopSci]

New technologies and gadgets being released everyday, our editors have compiled a list of the strangest (or coolest) for your enjoyment. Which ones are your favorites? Lots of videos after the jump.

Play GTA V Grand Theft Auto Nintendo Game Boy
Sure, there was never an official Grand Theft Auto V release for the original Nintendo Game Boy, but that didn’t stop one programmer from getting the game to run…sort of. Put simply, it requires a special game cartridge with an integrated Wi-Fi module. Next, it had to be configured to stream video and play games in full resolution at 20fps. What he ended up with is something that might be hard on the eyes.

SpinLaunch Kinetic Energy Spacecraft Launch System
Unlike other launch systems, the SpinLaunch propels spacecraft into orbit by using a large, vacuum-sealed centrifuge and a hypersonic tether to essentially spin them at up to 5,000 miles per hour to escape the atmosphere. At 165-feet-tall, the one-third scale SpinLaunch suborbital accelerator recently completed its first successful test at Spaceport America, accelerating a 10-foot projectile to high speed and then releasing it in less than a millisecond.