BlackBerry Phone Knockoff

Most techies know that Barack Obama has been using a BlackBerry for years, but it may finally be about to call time on his relationship with his beloved BlackBerry for an Android smartphone. The special military unit responsible for handling White House communications is testing a batch of new handsets for use by government staff, possibly a Samsung Galaxy with beefed-up security to better cater for the U.S. president’s phone and web-browsing needs. However, one Chinese company wants to lure the president back to the BlackBerry side with a clever knockoff named BlockBerry. Continue reading for more.

10. Blueberry Phone

Fake Blackberry

9. CECT m188

Fake iPhone Mini

8. Teso Blackbook Air

Fake MacBook Air

7. Sciphone A5

Fake iPhone 5C

6. CoolK07

BlackBerry Knockoff

5. miniPolyStation3

Fake PS3

4. i-Dong

Fake Kinect

3. iPhoho 6

Fake iPhone 6

2. Chuwi PadMini

iPad Mini Knockoff

1. Xiaomi Mi Pad

Fake iPad Mini