Android 10 Google Pixel Easter Egg
Photo credit: Munchy
Google Android 10 has been officially released, and Pixel phones will be the first to get the OS upgrade. New features include a system-wide dark mode, new privacy settings (apps can only access location while open, etc.), and many more gesture actions by default – swiping takes you forwards and backwards in apps, brings up a list of recent apps, and other tasks that previously required dedicated buttons. Read more to see the Nonogram puzzle Easter egg.

Before we dive into any more new features, here’s how to access the puzzle: open settings, tap “about phone”, tap “Android version”, tap “Android Version 10” multiple times, double-tap the “1” icon, move it to create a “Q”, and lastly, tap the “Android” logo until the game launches. One other cool feature in Android 10 is Live Caption, which uses Google’s AI processing to bring up captions for videos on-screen and in real time.