Automated Burger Machine

Imagine walking into a restaurant and being able to customize a burger directly from an app on your phone, with it being delivered to you in just minutes. That may soon be a reality thanks to Momentum Machines’ automated burger machine. According to the company, making burgers costs restaurants $9-billion a year in wages for the United States alone, and in addition to the monetary savings, an entire kitchen can be replaced with a much smaller, self-contained stainless-steel box. This machine would see raw ingredients go in and up to 400 custom-made burgers come out per hour. Continue reading to see Epson’s automated burger machine and for more information.

“The company plans to open its first restaurant in the near future and to market the machines to third parties, arguing that one can pay pay for itself inside of a year. The company is targeting restaurants, convenience stores, food trucks and vending machine applications. In the meantime, the device is still undergoing development with a feature to allow for custom-ground and mixed beef to be included in the next generation,” reports Gizmag.



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