Babies can be quite adorable on their own, or at least when they’re not crying, but Instagramm user Ilana Wiles has started a new internet craze, called “Baby Suiting”. Simply put, parents dress their little ones up in goofy ensembles that are much too big for the childrens’ tiny bodies. Continue reading for more.

My Modern Met reports that “since her own daughters are a bit too old and mobile for the project, Wiles began the series with her 3-month-old nephew. She then continued to friends’ houses and dressed up any baby she could find as a teensy little executive. Since then, the hashtag has continued to develop with other Instagrammers joining in on the fun. Wiles posted instructions on her website on how to conduct the photo shoot. Basically, lay out the outfit, tuck a sweet little one inside of the grown-up outfit, and photograph from the torso up.”