Turquoise UFO Holland

Researchers have not been able to explain what this turquoise UFO which appeared in the sky over Holland really is. Nature blogger Harry Perton spotted this anomaly as he was taking pictures outside, of a storm in Groningen, Holland. However, when he checked his camera to review some of the pictures, this jellyfish-like UFO was seen floating in the night sky emitting an eerie flash of green light. Perton said: “I saw from my window hauntingly beautiful skies and I waited for the rain to subside before I went out.” Continue reading for an up-close shot and more information.

Jellyfish UFO

He adds: “I was taking photos and suddenly something flashed. At first I thought it must have been my camera but the flash was not up and there was not a drop on my lens. I decided it must have been a strike of lightning – but back at home I saw something strange in one of the photos that I took – what looked like a UFO.”

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