Looking to play some classic midway attractions, but don’t have a carnival in town? Look no further than Skyworks’ Boardwalk Games. Available now on the iTunes Store, priced at $1.99. Continue reading for an overview and some gameplay.


Opening up the application, you’ll be greeted with the scene of a boardwalk at dusk, complete with animated ferris wheel and illuminated game booths. Choose from 3 different games: “Tiki-Toss”, “Spill Da’ Milk”, and Balloon Safari. Plus, there’s also a prize booth that displays everything that you’ve won. Both “Tiki-Toss” and “Spill Da’ Milk” have players using balls to knock down objects of varying point values, while Balloon Safari has darts.

All games offer a classic Quick Play mode as well as a Progressive Mode, which includes several bonus items, depending on the game played. In the latter, you’ll also have the option to upload your scores to a global high score board along with a local version. We highly recommend this game to any iPhone and iPod Touch users looking for a fun and competitive experience that lets you relive the fun games found at carnivals. — 5/5 stars.