SpotMini Robot Dancing

Boston Dynamics has just released a new video of its SpotMini robot dog, and not only can it perform basic tasks around the house, but also groove to your favorite tunes, like “Uptown Funk”. For those who haven’t seen this robotic wonder, it’s all-electricm weighs 66-pounds, and can run for 90-minutes straight on a single charge. The robot’s 17 joints and slightly creepy arm with five degrees of freedom enable it to move smoothly. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“The SpotMini goes on sale sometime in 2019, but pricing information hasn’t been revealed yet. You can bet that it won’t come cheap, however; this robot isn’t geared towards consumers. The “Uptown Funk” video comes on the heels of a footage of Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot performing parkour,” according to Engadget.