Brass PlayStation 5 Console
There may be a shortage of PlayStation 5 consoles soon due to the Suez Canal blockage, but Matthew Perks decided it was time to turn his into a shiny work of art. To create possibly the world’s first and only brass PlayStation 5, he had to create a template of its exterior using paper. Next, he used these paper cutouts to trace brass sheets and cut out pieces to match them. While those steps sound time consuming, the hardest part was yet to come. Read more for a build video and additional information.

The hardest part of this entire build was getting the brass pieces to fit the curves on the PlayStation 5 console. Bending each piece by hand didn’t quite work out, so he resorted to using a blowtorch, and even then, it still took quite a while to get just right. What he ended up was a brass version of Sony’s latest console that was only a millimeter off perfection.

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