Call of Duty: Ghosts will make the entire game world a character, according to Infinity Wars executive producer Mark Rubin. Unlike its predecessors, Ghosts aims to give players an emotional attachment to the city in which they’re fighting, starting with a “massive event [that’s] going to change the face of the world as you know it.” More information. Continue reading for the reveal trailer and more information.

Apparently, this underdog has a dog. Infinity Ward is giving players a specially-trained, mo-capped military attack dog. We fight for him. He fights for us (sorry, nothing more specific regarding controls, or how much it can be commanded).

Players will also be able to lean and slide in the interest, the developers say, of giving players smoother motion through their game world. The lack of lean in earlier Call of Duty games has been controversial among the player base, some of whom wanted that feature added to match other shooters.

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