Art Lebedev — creator of the Delete Eraser and Optimus Mini 3 — unveils his upcoming Optimus Maximus keyboard at CeBIT 2007. Each key will sport an OLED display, allowing you to program them for a variety of functions. One more picture after the jump.

Each 32 x 32 resolution OLED will remain stationary. Instead, the key-press mechanics are executed by a plastic cap in order to keep the wear and tear on the OLEDs to a minimum. Break a key? No problem, replacements will be offered for $10 a pop. Sorry, no freebies in the box like your Xmas tree lights — we tried. And if you think that $1,490 is a bit too pricey for a 5-year keyboard, take heart: “two or three” additional keyboards are in the works with fewer programmable keys and a sub $1,000 price tag

[via Engadget]