Here’s a first look at Google’s Chromebook Pixel, which is available for purchase now. At $1299, it features a 12.85″ (2560 x 1700) touchscreen panel, an Intel Core i5 Processor, 4GB of RAM, 32 or 64GB SSD* , 1TB of cloud storage*, LTE connectivity (optional), and Wi-Fi. Continue reading for two videos, more pictures, and additional information.


According to Google, “developers are on board, showing a new UI for photography website 500px, and a version of Quickoffice that will let you open Word and Excel documents natively in a web browser.


The Daily Mail reports that “although it does have a hard drive like a traditional laptop, Google also gives buyers a 1TB drive on on it’s ‘cloud’ service, which is free for three years – although the firm said it did not know how much users would have to pay to keep this after three years.”

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