Circuit City recently started a new 24/24 pickup guarantee. We sent one of our editors to a local store this morning for an Xbox 360 bundle. find out what happened after the jump. Here are just some of the benefits:

Your purchase is available for pickup within 24 minutes after you receive an order confirmation email. If it isn’t ready, you get a $24 gift card. Pay no shipping charges for your purchase. Pick up your purchase at your convenience

The order was placed at approx 11:38am and I arrived at around 11:50am (5-mile drive). A greeter informed me that I was to wait in the normal checkout line to pickup my ordered item. Well, once I actually made it up to the sales clerk, my product was ready to go. All they needed to check was my ID and credit card used to purchase the item. By 11:59am I was out the door. Circuit City lived up to its guarantee to say the least, taking just 21-minutes from order to pickup.