Modular Mini Home Cardboard

Dutch company Fiction Factory takes heavy-duty cardboard, and transforms it into the Wikkelhouse. These modular mini homes are basically made from large rolls of recycled corrugated cardboard. It all starts with a giant machine that applies a coating of eco-friendly adhesive to the cardboard before it’s wrapped and rotated 24 times around a frame to ensure its strength, durability, and shape. Once all that is completed, everything is waterproofed and then wood paneling is added. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“Wikkelhouse is a modular design and fully customizable to a resident’s preferences. A larger building, for instance, can be created by simply adding more sections onto the frame. It’s seen here as a beach bungalow or work space in the woods, but Wikkelhouse can accommodate a kitchen and bathroom for permanent living,” reports My Modern Met.