If you like the idea of using one device to control your home appliances while away from home, check out this nifty Japanese gadget called the Remocon Saucer. A potential negative, the Remocon needs its own cell phone to function. Once connected, you’re able to dial-in and have it carry out predefined commands like turning on/off the TV, etc. A good concept, but not very practical. It hits stores on February 10th at the price of $100 USD.

“The connection between the Remocon Saucer and FOMA handset is done via earphone mic jack. The handsets that can be connected are the P901i, P901iS, P700i, P701iD, P902i, N901iC, N901iS, N700i, N701i, N902i, Nevica-F, and AirView 2.”

Source: [PhoneyWorld]