Here are three cool pinball machines that you won’t find at your local arcade, or so we think — includes Futurama 3000. Which one if your favorite?

Functional Lego Pinball Machine

Created by Lego fanatics Gerrit Bronsveld and Martijn Boogaarts of the Netherlands, this fully functional pinball machine was made using over 20,000 these colorful blocks. They didn’t skimp on features either. The Lego Pinball Machine features an operational coin slot, rotation bumpers, auto kickback, 5-digit mechanical display (for points), 13 RCX Mindstorms computers, and even a ramp.

“When the right coin (50 Euro Cent) is inserted (others are rejected!) the machine will reset itself and the first ball is given.”


Futurama Space 3000 Pinball Machine

Futurama Space 3000 is a custom pinball machine built by a highly skilled modder. It all started when he bought an old Superman machine for parts. Since the cabinet was in bad condition, he began buying posters, calendars, and toys to start re-decorating the machine with. That’s not all, there’s even an integrated LCD display and headphone jack. The end result is stunning. [Source]

Mini LEGO Pinball Machine

This mini LEGO pinball machine is another interesting Anders’ creation. It’s constructed on a “rectangular ‘plate’, where there is room to mount the ‘feet’ on its sides”. This device may not be loaded with flashy lights or obstacles, but it’s a cool project none the less.

…besides keeping track of the score, also generates a high score list. If you are good and make it into the top three, you can enter your name using the buttons on the RCX.