Alarm clocks keep innovating. Yet, despite the innovation, very few designs think outside the box. More creative than ever, these alarm clock mods might become commonplace in homes everywhere. Continue reading to see more.

SNES Clock

If you’ve got an old SNES laying around as well as a few games, why not turn it into a functional alarm clock? That’s exactly what this gamer did. This mod consists of two components: the cartridge (clock display) and the console (base).

Hard Drive Clock

Ian Matthew created this nifty hard drive clock that doubles as an LED light show. Powered by a PIC18F252 controller, this creative alarm clock uses custom software to sync the LEDs.

Time Writing Alarm Clock

For those who like novelty items and have $351,000 to spare, the Time Writing alarm clock is just for you. Consisting of a total of 1200 parts, including 9 belts and 84 ball bearings.

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