Racing DeLorean

Unlike DMC-12 DeLorean you see in the films, this one was customized by Putsch Racing and features a tuned stock engine fitted with the Weber carbs and race exhaust to produce 210-horsepower. The car was also gutted to weigh just 2500-pounds, and “the racing PRV engine is being finished right now and is expected to produce 260-280 hp with the same carbs and exhaust,” according to car spotter “DrRockstar1”. Best of all the flame-spitting race exhaust still has catalytic converters, making it legal for the streets and international rally events. Continue reading to see an electric-powered DeLorean.

“The DMCEv will have a lightweight resin infused composite body, with the development promising to offer both high strength and low weight. The new Delorean chassis means that the car comes with a 200 lbs (90 kg) weight reduction compared to the DMC-12 of the ’80s. However, we don’t expect the final vehicle to be so light, as the addition of an electric powertrain will take its toll on the scale,” reports Auto Evolution.