Photo credit: John Wilhelm

Let’s face it, many of us aren’t proud of our baby / childhood pictures, and would be embarrassed if our parents were to show friends and family. Digital artist and IT director John Wilhelm wanted his daughters – Lou (5.5 years), Mila (2.8 years) and Yuna (6 months) – to be proud of them. So, he used his photography and Photoshop skills to create these awesome manipulations. Continue reading for more.

John Wilhelm told Bored Panda: “I guess I watched just a little too much TV and played too many video games when I was a kid. I guess if you have a healthy emotional connection to your kids they can feel if something is really important for you and then they cooperate (and if they don’t there are still sweets and candies). Most of my images are heavily manipulated but not all of them are compositions. If an image works straight out of the camera I just improve it (beauty retouching, cleanup, level corrections, sharpening, colors and tones, emphasize light, etc.). What I really love is to bring different images together to create something completely new.”