Diving teams consisting of American and French researchers have recently found a smooth translucent, glass-like pyramid standing upright on the Bermuda Triangle seabed; the length of its base reaches 300 meters, is 200 meters high, and has a 100 meter distance above the seafloor, from the base to the tip. Continue reading for a video (international news report) and more information.

The discovery has rocked scientists around the world. Will they rush to investigate it? No, they’re more likely to studiously ignore it. If pressed, they’ll officially position themselves as highly skeptical – especially in light of the potential ramifications.

The pyramid could confirm some engineers’ contentions that pyramids were originally created as massive power sources, support the claim that the ancient city-state of Atlantis did exist, or even provide answers to the mysterious goings-on that have been recorded since the 19th Century in the region of the Atlantic dubbed the Bermuda Triangle.

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