The Secret Service refers to the heavily armored vehicle as The Beast. Most details of the car are classified for security reasons. A special night vision system is in a secret location. Special loops replace the stock door handles; agents hold on to them when running alongside the car. Goodyear run-flat tires fit into extra-large wheel wells. The car is sealed against biochemical attacks. Kept in the trunk is a blood bank of the President’s blood type. It also has its own oxygen supply. Continue reading for more.

The car can seat seven people, including the President. The front seats two, and includes a console-mounted communications center. A glass partition divides the front from back. Three rear-facing seats are in the back, with cushions that are able to fold over the partition. The two rear seats are reserved for the president and another passenger; these seats have the ability to recline individually.

A folding desk is between the two rear seats. Storage compartments in the interior panels of the car contain communications equipment which is called the Limousine Control Package and is operated by the White House Communications Agency. This is the voice and data device that links the vehicle to the WHCA Roadrunner at the rear of the motorcade allowing command and control (or “C2”) functions to be performed from the limo. The trunk lid has five antennas. The car is driven by a specially trained Secret Service agent who is capable of performing a J-turn. The President’s lead protective agent usually sits in the front passenger seat.